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OCEAN BEAUTY Animal Design Wall Signs – TES-TED
15/03/2016 Tes-Ted
OCEAN BEAUTY Animal Design Wall Signs - TES-TED

OCEAN BEAUTY Animal Design Wall Signs – TES-TED

” People sometimes feel frustrated about what’s going on in our oceans and environment, and ‘Whale Wars’ shows that ordinary people can take action and make things happen

Paul Watson

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A collection inspired by Wildlife Beauties

Tes-Ted and Hu2 have signed a new collaboration presenting unique sculptural 3D animal signs, crafted from colour-treated wood and hand-finished with protective natural oil. The Ocean Beauty collection is a design alternative that allows you to bring Nature into your walls, without hurting anyone.
For the third chapter of the Respectful Animal Trophy collection, focused on Ocean Wildlife, Tes-Ted studio and Hu2 have teamed up once again to deliver one of the most original wall decoration. This new chapter is a tribute not only to wildlife and the endangered species but also to all the volunteers and professionals involved in the environmental preservation.

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Tes-Ted X Hu2 Design – a signature behind excellence

Developed with Hu2 in its production studio in Meyreuil near Aix en Provence, France, the new series of artistic wooden sign – Ocean Beauties – are laser cut from genuine wood board. Hu2 Design is a London based design brand specialised in wall art and decorative items. Through its design, the company promotes the importance of sustainability, social responsibility and wildlife conservation. All products are locally produced only using eco-friendly materials. The Respectful Animal Trophy collection counts four wall signs including a Whale, a Shark, a Sailfish, an Elephant, a Lion, Tiger, a Rhino, each of them created by designer  Tes-Ted.
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The Ocean Beauty series :