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Tes-Ted.com (hereafter called ‘The Site’) is published by TES-TED SAS (hereafter called ‘TES-TED’ or ‘the Company’)

These general terms and conditions apply to all orders made on the Site for all products and services provided by the Site. These terms and conditions are permanently accessible in English so they can be read or printed at anytime.

TES-TED reserves the right to adapt or modify at any moment the general terms and conditions. The version that will apply to any particular order is the set of conditions ‘live’ online at the point of making the aforementioned order. It follows that making an order via the Site implies the total acceptance of these conditions.



While signing up with the Site and saving personal details, the Customer must ensure that all information is complete, accurate and up to date. In case of an error in the inputting of Customer details, TES-TED will not be held responsible for any delay/impossibility of delivery.



The products for sale are those which are described by the Site on the day that the Customer visits the Site, stock permitting. TES-TED makes every effort to accurately present and describe the products to best inform the Customer. It is, however, possible that the website may contain minor errors, that the Customer should recognise and accept.

It is possible but very unlikely that you will receive an item that has been previously tried on and subsequently returned by another client. We only accept returns that are unpacked and in perfect condition. Each returned item is meticulously checked before being put back into circulation. In the event of any non-compliance of the product delivered with its description on the Site, the Customer can either initiate the retraction procedure or demand an exchange or a refund for the amount debited.



Orders can only be made by respecting the procedure put in place by TES-TED, namely the completion of several steps which the Customer must complete to validate an order. The final step of order validation being the payment. Every order validated by the Customer is a contract of sale and implies the acceptance of these conditions.

An email of confirmation outlining the order (products, prices, availability, quantity, etc) will be sent to the Customer by TES-TED. To this end, the Customer formally accepts the use of email as a means of confirmation from TES-TED regarding the contents of an order. At all events, invoices are permanently available in ‘My Account’ on the Site. The Customer has 7 (seven) days to initiate the retraction procedure, and this from the date of reception of the order.



The prices displayed on the website are in Euros, VAT included for buyers from the countries of the European Union (excluding Norway and England), shipping excluded.

The total price of the order for buyers from the countries of the European Union, (taxes and shipping included) is indicated on the ‘basket’ page.

All prices shown are calculated with VAT included, which can vary depending on the destination country.

For all sales outside of the EU, prices are quoted DDU (“delivery duty unpaid”), shipping excluded. Taxes, import fees and customs duties are at the Customer’s expense. The Customer should refer to its local taxe habits.

TES-TED reserves the right to modify the prices at any moment but the prices debited will be those ‘live’ on the Site at the moment of making the order. All products are payable from the order confirmation.

Payment will occur either via the secured payment platform PlayPlug or via Direct bank Transfer using TES-TED IBAN code. The Customer recognises that the communication of their card number is authorisation for the debiting of the products ordered.

The information registered with and kept by TES-TED constitutes the proof of the order and of past transactions. The information registered with PayPlug is the proof of the financial transaction.



Deliveries are made via La Poste from France.

Delivery is made to the delivery address indicated by the Customer. This should be the Customer’s residence, a work address or the residence of a person chosen by the Customer. TES-TED cannot deliver to hotels or to postboxes.

Parcels are dispatched within 3 to 4 weeks (except after a collection is launched, when dispatch may take up to 6 weeks). The Customer has a responsibility to ensure that all address information is correct and complete so that the delivery delay can be met. Examples of necessary information are street name and number, building, floor, access codes, interphone codes etc.

TES-TED will deliver orders within a maximum delay of 12 (twelve) working days for a delivery within Metropolitan France and within 20 (twenty) working days for an international delivery counting from the day following order completion. In the case of failing to meet this maximum delay, except in the case of circumstances beyond TES-TED’s control, the Client can demand the termination of the sale and obtain in a maximum delay of 14 (fourteen) days a refund for the amount paid at the point of sale. The delays above are only indicative and refer to the average delivery and preparation time. TES-TED cannot be held responsible for any delay that is beyond its control.

TES-TED creates animal signs as a tribute to wildlife. Animals inspire us, drive our work, and all products sold at TES-TED’s should be considered as artistic reminders for wildlife protection. For that reason TES-TED is not selling to countries abusing wildlife such as Denmark and its horrendous “grind” where thousands of dolphins are slaughtered for fun, Japan and its atrocious Taji annual hunting session against dolphins and whale hunting campaign in Arctic, Norway and Iceland for the same reason, China for its horrific annual festival “yulin” where dogs are tortured and killed, and finally Vietnam for importing rhino horn and elephant ivory for god knows what medical mixture that will never make their tiny dong bigger.



You have a right of cancellation with a cool-off period of 7 (seven) days. The maximum delay for TES-TED to process a refund to the Customer in the case of the retraction of an order is 7 (seven) days, once the physical order has been recuperated. International customers are responsible for the cost and safe return of products. We recommend that customers keep proof of posting by using a registered means of posting or one that provides a record of the date of delivery.



Conforming to the law, TES-TED will not be held responsible for any problem that arises owing to the use of the internet. This includes all situations that are inherently linked with the internet, for example, a breakdown in service, an external interruption, the presence of viruses or anything that qualifies as force majeure.

In case of the occurrence of a force majeure event, the concerned party must inform the other party by signed for letter in a maximum delay of 15 days counting from the occurrence of this event. In addition to events considered force majeure or accidental by French law and French courts, the following events are considered as force majeure events: partial or total strikes, lock-outs, riots, boycotts or other industrial action and commercial disputes, civil unrest, insurrections, wars, bad weather, epidemics, transport delays, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, water damage, governmental or legal restrictions, legal modifications to forms of commercialisation, computer break-down, telecommunication blockages including cabled and Hertzien networks and all other situation independent of the will of either party that prevents the normal execution of the contract. All obligations will be suspended for the duration of the force majeure event without indemnity. If the force majeure event lasts for over 3 (three) months, the contract can be terminated without indemnity by either party.



TES-TED’s website fully complies with the law n° 78-17 of 6th January 1978.

All information related to the Customer’s account will be used solely and expressly within the relationship between the Customer and the Company. This information will never be sold or shared with third parties. TES-TED will never have contact with the Customer’s banking details. Financial transactions will only pass via PayPlug.

In order to improve the Customer’s experience, the Site uses cookies. This means that the Customer does not have to sign in every time they return to the site. A cookie is a piece of coded information saved on the hard disk that serves to recognise a user. The Customer can delete cookies by deactivating this function on their internet browser.

For any additional question please contact project at tes-ted .com


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