ARCTIC FOX Porcelain Plate Set / Tes-Ted X Esprit Porcelaine

ARCTIC FOX Porcelain Plate Set / Tes-Ted X Esprit Porcelaine


Inspired by the vastness of the Arctic landscape, Arctic Beasts is a sincere tribute to iconic arctic animals and the unique whiteness and strength of world known Limoges Porcelain. Two plates compose a set: a large diner plate (ø 27cm) and a smaller dessert plate (ø 21cm). The dinner plate is used to present your main course – the dessert plate is suitable for desserts but also for appetizers and cheeses

– material: Limoges Porcelain
– size: diner plate ø 27cm / dessert plate ø 21cm
– made in: Limoges, France


This exclusive porcelain plate collection imagined by Tes-Ted and Esprit Porcelaine creates a timeless dialogue between animal beauty and French Savoir-Faire, throughout the Art de la Table.
Limoges porcelain derives from a subtle mix of numerous subtly measured out mineral components and several successive high-temperature bakings. Being translucent and without any open porosity makes it different from other ceramics. The Tes-Ted plates are manufactured in La Fabrique based in Haute-Vienne, in the heart of the Limousin, France. The factory which specializes exclusively in the production of white porcelain for the luxury industry, contributes to fire arts radiation worldwide. Beyond an extremely skilled workforce, the key of perfection also lies in the essential ingredients used. The high quality of a piece of porcelain is the result of commitment to excellence at every step of a lengthy manufacturing process.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 cm


High Quality Porcelain

The paste for porcelain combines three essential rocks: kaolin clay, which brings whiteness and plasticity for shaping, quartz, a grease-removing component, and feldspar, a component required for glazing, giving porcelain its unique translucence. They are all local natural ingredients. Then the intense firing process (over 1400˚ Celsius) forms the superb glaze that cannot be penetrated by the elements and gives Limoges porcelain that exquisite and unique translucence.

Limited Edition

Each piece bears a different drawing reproduced with brush strokes executed by hand. Arctic Beasts Collection is a limited edition, stamped with the signature of Tes-Ted, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Design Plate Arctic Fox Porcelain Plate from Arctic Beasts Limoges Collection
design limoges porcelain plate tes-ted studio drawing arctic beasts