STAG HEAD TROPHY Wall Art Sign by Tes-Ted x Hu2 Design

STAG HEAD TROPHY Wall Art Sign by Tes-Ted x Hu2 Design


Stag Head Trophy is part of the Animal Respectful Trophy collection signed by Tes-Ted for Hu2 Design. This wall art sign is made from a wooden board on which is applied a natural wax coating. This art wall sign is made by Hu2 Design, France.

– colour : Black
– material : 8mm Wood
– size : 89cm x 60cm x 1cm
– made in Paris, France

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This capsule collection designed by Tes-Ted for Hu2 Design is a tribute to the brute and elegant strength. At the very beginning, this collaboration intends to present an innovative design with an exceptional quality of execution combined with a plastic-free packaging. Those wall signs are the most achieved artwork using this intuitive approach and gives to the design a real presence, stolid, conveyed by the fluidity of the drawing lines. The capsule collection counts 3 exceptional masterpieces, manufactured by Hu2 Design, France.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 89 × 60 × 1 cm


Premium Material

We used a premium 8mm MDF wood board that combines the natural features of wood where fibres are coloured individually, impregnated with organic dyes and bonded together by a special resin.

Natural Wax Coating

To ensure a perfect moisture resistance, we apply a natural wax coating that gives a unique colour finish and a beautiful texture.

Invisible Wall Fixation

An invisible and  innovative fixation system is provided with this sign for an optimal wall mounting installation. All instructions are provided with packaging.

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