F*** IT LET'S GO TO...

Limited NFT Series by TES-TED

F*** IT LET’S GOT TO… Unique NFT Series
09/01/2022 Tes-Ted
Metaverse wall art fuck it let's go to Miami nft unique series

Limited NFT series by TES-TED


fuck it let's go to Miami nft

A collection inspired by famous artwork F*** IT LET’S GO TO NEW YORK

Tes-Ted andIn 2022, you will access metaverse worlds by using NFT’s, you will build you own houses, museums and spaces in metaverse worlds. You might know TES-TED artist for many of his iconic charts !



From 2010, tested have sold more than X exclusive pieces. Each piece is unique and today the artist TES-TED in making it accessible to the metaverse worlds !


What if you could be the only one on earth having one of these digital charts ?

For the third chapter of the Respectful Animal Trophy collection, focused on Ocean Wildlife, Tes-Ted studio and Hu2 have teamed up once again to deliver one of the most original wall decoration. This new chapter is a tribute not only to wildlife and the endangered species but also to all the volunteers and professionals involved in the environmental preservation.

fuck it let's go to Miami nft

© Fred Buyle

Tes-Ted – a signature behind wall art excellence

Own your land
Own your arts
And be the only one having a TES-TED chart in your virtual room
The advantage of this NFT is to receive a authentic peace of art made and signed by a 10 years French artist
machin already used this peace of art and an other star used it !
You will access to privileged private sales in the next NFT expositions by this artist.
You can also have access to real art in the real world with a special signature of the artist.
Would you be the next one ?
fuck it let's go to Miami nft
fuck it let's go to Miami nft
fuck it let's go to Miami nft

The limited NFT series :

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